Personal Computing Genetics – We know tech inside and out.

Client Area

What we Offer

PC GNTX has a number of products and services for our customers.

Computer and Mobile
Device Repair

Have a mobile phone with a broken screen? What about a laptop that won’t charge anymore? Whatever it is, we can probably fix it. Android, iPhone, tablets, laptop or desktop computers – We got you covered. It can probably be done remotely, too.

In need of a dedicated server, but don’t want to break the bank on one? Sign up for our SSD-only VPS hosting! We offer virtual private servers both with and without automatic backups. Each box comes with full root access, a choice of operating systems, and the ability to customize the setup. We even have an easy to use control panel.

Home Network
Setup & Optimization

Want better performance from your home network? Want to be able to stream and game at the same time without buffering or lagging? We have a solution for that too! From weak, slow WiFi to adding a media server, PC GNTX has your solution.

WHMCS Addons

Add functionality and extend your WHMCS installation with a few of our custom addon modules.

Those are just a few main highlights. There are plenty more.

  • Desktop & Laptop Services

  • Smartphone & Tablet Repair

  • Hardware Support

  • Software Support

  • Help via Remote Access

  • Virus & Malware Removal

  • Data Backup

  • SSD VPS Hosting

  • Easy to use Control Panel

  • VPS Customization Options

  • Linux Distributions

  • Backups Available

  • Multiple Datacenters

  • Website Design

  • Advanced Custom Routers

  • Wired or Wireless Network Configuration

  • VPN Setup

  • QoS Optimization

  • Home Media Server Setup

  • Security Camera Installation

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Firstly, you might be wondering “what’s the right way to say PC GNTX?”. It’s pretty simple actually – PC Genetics (Personal Computing Genetics). But, why? “PC GNTX” is just a shorter (and cooler) way to spell it.

PC GNTX is a tech company started by Devin Frazier that began as a computer service and repair company in Yakima, WA. Over the years the business has been expanded to add a number of additional products and services to our line-up.